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Lipetsk, the history

Учитель: Бритвина Светлана Михайловна
Ученик: Новицкий Михаил 7А класс
МБОУ СОШ №28 им. А. Смыслова

My name is Mike. I live in Lipetsk. It is my native town. Lipetsk is an old Russian town where about five hundred thousand people live. It was founded in 1703. On its coat of arms there is a large lime – tree that means the name of the town (a “lime – tree” sounds as “lipa” in Russian.)
The Lipetsk birth is connected with the name of Peter the Great. Lipetsk is situated an the Voronezh river which divides it into two parts. At present Lipetsk is one of the biggest industrial centres of the country. There are a lot of industrial enterprises here. The largest ones are Novo-Lipetsk metallurgical works and Tractor plant that are well – known not only in Russia but also abroad. Besides, the town is famous for its woodcraftsmen. They carve different, spoons, mugs, plates, trays and other things. They create their works with high skill and taste. In 1803 the health resort was opened and became very popular. Lipetsk is the center of metallurgy
Lipetsk is a health resort which is famous for its mineral water. There are a lot of boarding – houses and holiday homes there. The town is also a cultural centre. It has the Drama and Puppet theatres, the Philharmonic society and the Art gallery. There are some interesting sights in Lipetsk. As for me I like the Cathedral and the monument to Peter the Great. There are a lot of monuments in Lipetsk connected with the name of Peter the Great. The history of Lipetsk and its region is closely connected with the names of famous Russian writers, such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Bunin, Prishvin and other prominent people.
I’ m pround of my native town indeed.

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