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The Moscow Dolphinarium

Ученица 5-го «А» класса
ГБОУ СОШ № 619 Ковалева Елена
Учитель – Одинокова Елена Васильевна

Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the capital of our motherland Russia. There are a lot of attractions in Moscow. One of them is the Moscow Dolphinarium, which is located near the underground station "Semenovskaya".
There has always been a lot of viewers in Dolphinarium. Everyone wanted to look at the inhabitants of the deep sea, such as dolphins, white whales, seals. Dolphins can be controlled perfectly. Dolphins perform various complex tricks: jumping through the rings, playing balls and painting. When a pair or even a group of dolphins gеt a signal they jump a metre or two above the water .The dolphins in Moscow Dolphinarium are happy and funny. Scientists have found that dolphins emit a squeak witch has different sounds. With the help of special devices, these signals could not only be heard but also recorded. Dolphins’ vocabulary is quite large. They can send each other complex information. In medicine there is such a procedure as «dolphin therapy».Very young, newborn babies are allowed to swim in a pool with dolphins, and dolphins carefully care about children in the water as their own babies. Such communication with these strong and kind animals can be very beneficial for both children and adults.
Realizing intelligence of dolphins, people began to study them more, trying to find a "common language" with them. These friendly animals can become our great friends. Now unfortunately Moscow Dolphinarium is closed for repairs. I hope very much that the repair will be over soon and Moscow Dolphinarium will open its doors to the public and we will be able admire the dolphins.

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