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Legends of Moscow underground

Анастасия Башкатова
Московский промышленно-экономический колледж
Российский государственный торгово-экономический
университет (МПЭК РГТЭУ) Студентка 2 курса, факультет «Дизайн».
Преподаватель: Демидова Юлия Викторовна

Moscow is a gorgeous city! I was born here and I love my city for its mysticism which we can feel everywhere even in the underground. Every day millions of people have to use the underground because it is the most simple and fast way to reach any point of the city. Millions go there but only few people thinks about secrets of underground. I will tell just two legends of the Moscow underground and you will decide to trust in them or not. Classical scary story about the underground is a legend about the Black machinist. According to this legend, many years ago the machinist has scorched rescuing passengers. When he has died the underground management has accused him of the happened. Since then his phantom walks in tunnels, and late at night he can be met at different stations.
The most widespread legend is a story about a train with souls of the prisoners who were died during building of the Ring line. There is a train which stops at each station but very seldom opens its doors. This fact happens once a month at night. In a cabin of the machinist there is only one person in the form of the old sample and coaches are empty or full of the exhausted men in grey clothes. Those who can see this train on the Ring line warn not to come at all to the train, if doors open you will never come back. So the history of Moscow underground has many legends. I have told only pair of them, but it is enough to understand all features the underground.
It is possible to learn a lot of interesting things about our country during the different periods of time. Legends and myths are national creativity and that’s why it is our cultural heritage.

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