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Ученики 3 А и 3 Б классов
ГБОУ ЦО № 363 г.Москвы,
ВАО, микрорайон «Богородское»
Учитель Гулина Ирина Юрьевна.

Bogorodskoye is one of the oldest parts of Moscow. It is located in East of the capital of Russia. It was mentioned for the time in the census books for 1550 and in that time it was called Alymovo. Today our school is located in Alymov side street
We would like to mention some interesting facts about our native place
• Ivan the Terrible owned this plot of land for short period of time;
• In 1568 this plat of land was granted to Chudov monastery;
• In 1680 a wooden chapel in honor of Assumption of the Sacred Virgin Mary was build in the redion;
• The chapel was not saved but since that time the name Bogrodskoye was strongly fixed to the village in the district;
• The first Russian pulp and paper factory was organized here by Peter I;
• In the middle of the nineteenth century Bogorodskoe became a place od summer residence of Chaikovsky, Shishkin, Borodin and Balakirev;
• In the 20th century the prominent Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin was born and lived in Bogorodskoye
Places of interest of Bogorosdskoye
• The Wooden Church Spasa Preobrajenya (the Saviour Transfiguration) is located in Moscow. This is the only one wooden church of Moscow. It was build in 1876-1880.
• A miracle working icon of Sacred Virgin Mary is exhibit in the church. This icon survived during the fire of the old chapel and still helps people.
• A part of the nature resort Losiny Ostrov (Elks Island) is located in Bogorodskoye. There are more than 500 species of plants. Elks, beavers, squirrels, musk-rats, dappled deers are the inhabitants of the resort.
Welcome to Bogorodskoye district. You will like this place.

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