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Василец Ю. Д.,
ГБОУ СОШ №731,класс 9 «А»
(Учитель: Анжела Александровна Ли )

Василец Ю. Д.
The settlement Rublevo is located in the Western district of Moscow in a beautiful forest on the banks of the Moscow River. Since 1620 the settlement was the possession of a boyar Boris Lykov. The pumping station for water was built in 1901. Rublevo is a small settlement; it is well known in Moscow because of the beautiful species of animals and plants that grow and live there, it is also known for its beach and its forest. The forest isn’t big but it’s very nice. There's a delicate scent of pine in the forest. Usually there are not so many places where you can enjoy the silence in the forest. People are very fond of the forest and spend a lot of time there. In the summer everyone swims in the river. The water is clear, but there aren’t very many fish.
Also Rublevo has a faculty of Foreign Languages Psychology and Pedagogical University, a monument dedicated to soldiers involved in World War II, Specialized Hospital № 8, school № 731, a music school, the House of Culture "Rublevo", the Sports Complex "Rublevo" and the Children's Art House and Museum. Most children, who live in the settlement, go to the № 731 school, although some kids go to music school where they acquire artistic skills. There are many clubs in the House of Music, for example, sections of singing, fencing, painting and sculpting. The museum has many collections of rocks, different stones, whose age is several thousand years. The House of Culture organizes different festivities during the holidays. It may seem that Rublevo is just a quiet and peaceful place. But that is not the case. In contrast to the usual hustle and bustle of Moscow, every street and yard is a place for walking and hanging out with friends. There is rarely anyone in a hurry: only pupils, students and adults who are late for work.

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