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Moscow State University of Geodese and Cartography

Litvinenko Elizaveta Gennad’evna
Born in Moscow. School №1200. Form 9 ”A”
Teacher Anisimova Olga Vladimirovna

Litvinenko Elizaveta Gennad’evna
It’s difficult to imagine how many different places are there in the world. But everyone has a place which is dear to him. It’s the place where a person wants to return again and again. If something happens with the place, the man’s soul will be seriously hurt. Such a place for me is an artistic workshop in Moscow State University of Geodese and Cartography. I would like to tell you something about it and try to explain why it can be called my second home.
The artistic workshop is situated on the third floor under a curb roof. Of course, bended windows bring charm to the place, especially in spring. When they are opened, apart from watching at the blue sky and running clouds, you can listen to birds’ songs and feel the breath of spring. All these bring inspiration and you are ready to create.
The other reason for loving some place is presence of wonderful people or absence of them at all (for instance, if it is an old tree near the river or a meadow in the forest). As for me I adore people whom I see every time I come to the artistic workshop. They are very different. It is the variety of characters, appearances and ages, but all of them are incredibly creative, optimistic and hard-working. Aren’t these streaks of character the main thing in people? No doubt, they are!
But not only people bring a special spirit to the place. Everywhere in the workshop you can see paintings of students and reproductions of masterpieces of famous artists. Moreover, there are a lot of different sculptures which are used as sitters for painters. Though the room is rather small, all people and properties fit into hear. Sometimes it seems to me strange and just magic but it’s really so. So you can see that this place, the artistic workshop, is really an agreeable place and I spend there some of the best hours in my life. In the end of my story I’d like to say that it is a real happiness to have a place where you’re easy in your mind and feel joyful.

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