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Ekaterinburg: The Red Line

Фердман Андрей Маркович
МАОУ Гимназия 70, г. Екатеринбург
5 «А» класс, 11 лет
Учитель: Кулакова Лариса Владимировна

Ekaterinburg is a wonderful city. I think our city is worth visiting as it is rich in monuments, museums, cathedrals, parks, churches. But what will you do if you have only several hours in Ekaterinburg but you want to see as much as possible and not to get lost? You are really lucky as there is a Red Line in the centre of the city. On the 18th of June this line appeared in the city. It’s a tourist track which leads to different sites. It goes around the central district, its length is 6,5 km. Red Line is drawn on the pavement. The rout is not dangerous. It will be a long but interesting walk. There are 46 wonderful places along this Line. The monuments to famous people, churches and museums are among them. Such lines exist in Tyumen’ and Perm’. The line appeared early in the morning during one night. Some early passerbies were really surprised to see such an unusual thing. In the place where there was a hatch way one of the creators drew a wall-plug. Isn’t it funny? The first excursions were with the help of volunteers. Come to Ekaterinburg and we’ll walk together.

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