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Учащиеся 8 класса ГБОУ СОШ № 1220:
Давыдова Мария, Смирнова Анна, Маслова Полина,
Кроповницкая Анастасия, Мусаэлян Роман
Учитель: Хробостова Екатерина Олеговна

Ostankino is one of the most interesting places in our capital. In recent times this big village, situated near Moscow, was closely connected with Russian history and culture. What does the name of Ostankino mean and what is its origin? According to one version, this name comes from the word “ostanok” - generic piece, estate obtained by inheritance. Another version says, according to the legend this settlement grew on the spot where someone’s remains had been found. But the most credible hypothesis is the following. Very often the name of the village became the name of the person who first settled here. It is possible that the name of the village was the name of the settler Ostan or Ostash. Several centuries ago this man bought this land, plowed it and set the village which became known as Ostankov’s or Ostashkov’s village.
But Ostankino is also one of the most mystical places on the map of Moscow. The magicians and wizards settled on these lands from long ago. According to the ancient legends, a magic ring with the sign of the Universe which had been hidden here gave power over space and time. There is a legend about a strange place Ostankino. Those days the village belonged to boyar Aleksej Satin. Boyar cases were successful until the appearance of an old woman in rags. She shook her finger and said: “Don’t plow up! Don’t disturb this place! The remains of ancient fork are here. If you disobey, there will be trouble”. Satin just laughed and drove the old woman. A few days later by the order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible he was caught and executed.
Ostankino passed into the possession of the guardsman. In Moscow his surname was pronounced differently: either Arn or Orn. He got into the habit to break the ancient tombs. The Muscovites begat to whisper: “Maybe he looks for treasure in the tombs to build a huge tower-mountain and to see the whole earth” (As we see the prophecies have come true and the huge tower, extending the ideas around the world, exists). Soon Orn met the merchants, who carried the ring commissioned by the Tsar and killed the guests. Then and Orn disappeared. It was said, that he died in the swamps. No treasure or a ring was found.
Many centuries passed, era of Ivan the Terrible was forgotten. The constraction of the tower, which was 540 meters high, began in 1960. A fantastic building had been built with great speed. The legend of the high tower which Orn wanted to build, was confirmed. And now our district is known in all parts of the Earth.

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