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the Southern Izmailovo

Филиппова Людмила Аркадьевна
ГБОУ №1373 класс 9 «б»

Меня зовут Люся. Английский язык является моим первым иностранным языком

Each of us has his own motherland. This is the city, the town or the village, the street and the house where we were born, where we made our first steps, where we said the first word, and where we learned the first of joy and the first resentment. Our homeland is a place where we spent and spend all our lives. For me, my motherland is my area of Southern Izmailovo. From childhood my parents had inculcated in me love to Mother Nature of our area. I enjoy the special atmosphere which is created by people living in the area. Our area is rich in the forest park. Thinking about my motherland, I am remembering of my childhood. Our area not only rich in forest park, but it is connected with the history of our country. Izmailovo was ancestral estate of the Romanov boyars, after Peter's first teenage years were associated with this area of Russia. In the second half of the 17th century Izmailovo was one of the most important royal residences, the royal mansion could be compared only with the village of Kolomna, but unlike it Izmailovo was extensive, thoroughly arranged household. This is our history and this is our homeland. I feel proud because my area is the part of the country, the part of the larger world.

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