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Михеева Юлия Олеговна 10 A,
МОУ СОШ №3 им. Героя Советского Союза
Борисова В.А, в г. Лобня
Учитель Конончук А. Г.

Have you ever heard of town in Moscow Area, called Lobnya? I guess, most of you haven’t. But this town means a lot to me, because it is my native town, and all my childhood I’ve been spending there, enjoying truly Russian nature. But at the same time I was a witness of things, which had turned a little town into industrial.
By the way, Lobnya has played a large part in World War II. It’s a place where german army was stopped, loosing opportunity to get our capital. On the place where the enemy has been stopped now there is monument "The gun". This is a holy site for everyone. The coat of arms of Lobnya town displays a Black-headed Gull flying above the lake. The lake really exist and calls Kiowo. The lake is famous for being a place with a huge number of nesting Black-headed Gulls.
The population of my town is 70000. Most of people work in Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is located in 3 km from our town. That’s why there are a lot of pilots and stewardesses in Lobnya town.
There are a lot of places for fun. For example, if we want to see some new films we’ll go to a big Lobnya’s cinema which calls “The gull”. If we want to swim we will choose one of swimming pools, and even we want skating we will go to the Icy Palace where we’ll find Ice skating rink. Lobnya is an industrial town too. There are a lot of industrial enterprises , which make production which is known not only in Russia, all over the World.
Lobnya grows and develops every year. And I am glad to observe of transformation of my native town I am proud that I live in Lobnya and I hope that in the future I will bring the contribution to development of my Lobnya.

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