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The Pyatnichkie Gates

Алабушева Юлия Сергеевна,
учитель английского языка первой
квалификационной категории,
Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное
учреждение СОШ №14, г. о. Коломна

There are thousands of big cities and small towns and every town has its own history. Kolomna has a unique one. Here you can touch the past and the present of Russia. There are a lot of impressive ancient buildings that ennoble a modern town. On the eastern part of the Kremlin there are the well-preserved Pyatnichkie Gates. They were central gates and faced to the road Vladimir-Kashira. A street from a landing-stage also led to that place.
The gates have a merlon and a shooting tower. The tower's height is 29 m, the length - 23 m. The entrance was protected with the forged iron bars. There was a bell over the arch. A scout used to let the inhabitants know about the enemies' coming with the alarming peal. The Pyatnichkie Gates are made of bricks but seem to be very graceful. There is a beautiful arch having a horse-shoe form. The tower is decorated with the stone-made details. Many years ago there were some bas-relieves icons made of lime over the gate, and from the inner side there were some pictures on the Prince Dmitry Donskoy staying in Kolomna.
Why they call these gates Pyatnichkie? These gates are mentioned in one of the most ancient document, the "Scribe Book" of the 16th century. They mentioned also the Paraskeva the Friday Church in this document. It was situated not far from the Gates. In Russian Paraskeva the Friday was the Patroness of the Trade. It was natural that they decided to call the main gates of the town after the Patroness - Kolomna was a big trade town. But in the documents of the 18th century they mentioned the Gates another name - Spasskye. The point is that the wooden church of Paraskeva the Friday had been destroyed and the inhabitants stopped to call it this name. They began to call them "Spasskie" after the name of the Spassky Monastery which was found in the 14th century three hundred meters far from the Kremlin wall. In the old town's plans one can see a street leading to the central gates of the Kremlin. In 1864 the Spassky Monastery was canceled and from that time nobody can remem-ber the old name of the gate in the eastern part of the fortress. Today any inhabitant of Kolomna calls gates Pyatnichkie and has not the slightest idea where this name came from.

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