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Places to see in Balashikha

Anastasia Hozikova
School: №22,Balashikha,Moscow region
Form: 9 –A-
Galina Prokopchenko - the teacher of English

Hobbies: music, playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages. Interests: I’m interested in everything new and interesting that happens around the world

Balashikha is famous for its beautiful sights.Here are the most interesting and my beloved at the same time places of interest. Gorenky-(1714-1744)-is Dolgoruky’s former village and residence.Tsar Peter 2 and Ivan Elekseevich Dolgoruky were best friends.They used to like to spend their free time in Gorenky hunting and organizing different parties.In the 18-th century count A.K.Razumovsky inherited the manor.He begun to built up the manor.Architectural ensemble of classicism style included a house-castle,a menagerie with a tiny pond and an extensive park with the numerous marble statues.In Soviet times the manor was an orphanage and later-a sanatorium.
Pehra-Yakovlevskoe-is in 2 km far from Gorenky.The manor itself dates back to the 16-th century.Being a village in the past times a nobleman Golitsin possessed the manor Pehra-Yakovlevskoe (from 1591 to 1828).The manor included the house-castles,the greenhouse,the theatre and Preobrazhenskaya church.There is Golitsin Park nearby.You will certainly be impressed by the ladder with the sculptures of lions and sphynxes. In post-revolutionary period different institutions were located there:Institute of Furs(1930),RGAZY (Russian State Agricultural University). Pehra-Yakovlevskoe is a perfect spot to escape city life,stroll through estate’s extensive park and feed the ducks on a tiny pond next to the manor.
Almazovo-(the 19-th century)-is situated in 4 km far from Balashikha- N.A.Demidov’s former manor .Come and have a look at the main building in classicism style and fascinating Kazan-Sergievskya Church.This place is also famous for the park with the system of ponds and channels.It’s a great place both for walking and cycling.No wonder it’s so popular among eco-tourists and locals.
One of the graceful buildings which is open to the public is St Alexander Nevsky Church,built in 2000.It happened so that in September 2000 there was a hurricane warning for the citizens of Balashikha.But the hurricane suddenly changed its direction when it reached the wooden Orthodox cross,erected at the place of destructed chapel in Soviet period.People thought it to be a miraculous token.And they decided to lay the foundation of a stone Alexander Nevski Chuch-the defender of Russian Lands.

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