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Some interesting facts about the lakes of Balashikha

Oksana Gryblayk 8-A
School: № 22, Balashikha, Moscow region
Galina Prokopchenko - the teacher of English

Hobbies: reading books, listening to music. Interests: English language,sports (running in the wood,swimming,cycling), drawing.

Lake Baboshkino is located in the forest of the eastern part of Balashikha.It is one of the picturesque and favorite lake of local people.Here are the rumours that the lake doesn’t have the bottom.Some senior citizens say that the Baboshkino has the bottom with the sunken church on it. There is a legend about how the lake came to be.We find it very interesting and amazing. Long time ago there used to be a small village at the place of the present lake.The man Babosh was the head of the village.locals respected him and often asked him for an advice.Once the Khan of Golden Horde sent his people to get a tribute from the villagers.However,a proud Babosh refused him.Khan’s army attacked the village.The village was burnt and pillaged and its villagers were taken in captivity.Babosh was tied to the cross and made to watch the burning of the church.Mighty breast of the hero torn from the grief and the spring began to ooze out from the Babosh’s breast putting out the raging fire.
At present days the Baboshkino has been explored by the divers many times.The depth of the lake is about 4-5 metres.The bottom of it is silty.
Lake Biserovo-is another place of relaxation for locals and tourists.They say,that catfish-cannibal used to live here.Some local people say that this lake was named after the event which happened when Katherine 2 passing Balashikha decided to stop and have rest at the banks of the lake.Admiring wonderful landscape,she went down to the lake and accidently dropped beads into the lake.Her servants tried to pick the beads up but they failed.Since that time people began to call the lake-Biserovo-. People like to come here and spend their free time throughout the year.You can go swimming,boating,fishing,have a barbecue picnic or just lie in the sun or stroll around this nice lake. Lakes in Balashikha aren’t big,but they are really charming.In order to estimate them and enjoy their beauty you should come and spend a day or so at the banks of our lakes.They will certainly charm you with inexpressible beauty!

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