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The origin of the name – Balashikha

Zarina Davlatova
School: № 22, Balashikha,Moscow region
Galina Prokopchenko - the teacher of English

Hobbies: playing volleyball, reading books and magazines Interests: English language, cooking, skating

We would like to tell you some interesting facts about our native town.According to a cronicle Balashikha is considered to be founded in 1830.There are a few versions of the origin of this name.Here are some of them. One of the legends says that our town was named after the tavern,which was situated not far from famous –Vladimirovka-(Gorkovskoye Highway nowadays).This highway has been for Moscow the gateway to the East.And it may be possible,as the word –balash- is of the eastern origin and it can be interpreted into Russian language as – hostelry.
One more legend,told us by one of the native citizen,says that long ago when Balashikha was a wooden and middle-class village,there lived a noble Tatar,whose name was Balash.He was an offshoot of Khan of Golden Horde,had a resedencial palace and gained the reputation of the successful and wealthy merchant.Perhaps the name –Balash- gave rise to the name of our native town Balashikha. However,many local people support one more version.
Not far from the river Pekhorka,there was a tiny village.There used to be only 4 yards and villagers grew and gathered –bloshnik-the type of herbs consisting of fern,forest mint,ladonka and many other herbs.And locals called their village –Bloshikha-.As time went on the first paper and cloth factories were built at the banks of the river Pekhorka.Thousands peasants worked at these factories.The equipment was delivered from England.Soon the first working settlements appeared around paper and cloth factories.The expanding settlements merged with local villages nearby forming one working settlement –Balashikha-
Founded in 1830, Balashikha day by day has been growing and developing rapidly.And these days it is a prospering,industrial,educational,cultural and modern town.Being located not far from Moscow (only 20 km to the east from Moscow),with wide transport system,Balashikha is a very convenient place to live in.It takes us only 20-30 min to get to the capital of our country-Moscow.So,come and visit us one day!

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