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Гасанова Наргюль Азадовна
МОУ СОШ №12 г.Жуковский, 8 «В» класс
Учитель: Дудина Светлана Владимировна

I would like to tell you about my favorite town in Russia. I was born in Zhukovsky. Zhukovsky is a town in Moscow region, Russia. It is situated on the Moscow River. The population of this city is about 100,000. There are a lot of historical places. For example: churches (the Church of the Archangel Michael, the Church of St. Panteleimon connoisseur), museums, and theaters ("The Arrow", The Music and Drama Theatre under the direction of Alexander Aisin), etc.
There were a lot of scientists and famous people in Zhukovsky. They are Zhukovsky, Bazhenov etc. Nikolay Zhukovsky was a famous scientist and he was good at physics. The history of this town is closely connected with the achievements of Zhukovsky in aerospace. He was actively involved in space programs. Vasiliy Bazhenov was an architect. He was good at painting, he could create plans for the future. Also he was a member of Russian Academy. Zhukovsky is a centre of athletics in Moscow region. In autumn 2005 a sports centre "Meteor" was opened after the reconstruction. The stadium can hold Russian and international competitions. Zhukovsky is a birthplace of many famous athletes. Now they are famous all over the world: Catherine Podkopaeva, Andrey Yepishin, Oleg Protsenko, Yuri Borzakovsky.
We know that Zhukovsky is the National Aircraft Construction Centre. Zhukovsky is the city of scientific and avia show МАKS . Flight tests are conducted here. We construct the best planes in the world and we are leaders of aviaconstruction. In fact, during the soviet period, this town wasn't mapped because of strategically important airport «Bykov». But nowadays people from different towns come here to see the attractions.
I'm soproud of my town. I think, I have told you something interesting about Zhukovsky.

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