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The history of the park of Victory

Москва ГОУ СОШ № 1353
Ученица 9 "В" класса
Колтакова Дарья
Учитель - Коноплева Татьяна Дмитреевна

My name is Dasha Koltakova and I live in the 12th district of Zelenograd. In Matushkino- Savelki is situated The Park of Victory. And I would like to tell you about it.
The park of Victory is situated in the centre of our town not far from the Palace Of Culture. This unique park was opened in honor of the the Victory 40th anniversary.
The jewel of this place can be considered a multistage cascade of fountains and a few small pools in bleu and purple colours. They are situated on different levels and come down from central area to The Big City Lake and look like small Niagara Falls. The cascade ends with three fountains. Only running water is used in this area, so kids like swimming there in hot summer days.
On the territory of the park there are a lot of paths you can sit on numerous benches and you can relax in the hot afternoon. One can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. Wonderful electric street lamps add this picture charm. The city beach is located nearly too. The Part of Victory is one of the most beautiful and exciting park of our city. We must take care of nature and inhabitants.

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