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Kolomna and its legends

Черненко Наталия Денисовна, Потапова Виктория Андреевна,
ученицы 5 «Г» класса МБОУ СОШ №14,
г. Коломна, Московская область.
Учитель: Баранова Ирина Петровна.

Kolomna is our native town and it goes without saying that we are proud of it, it was founded in 1177. This date is mentioned in the Lavrentyev chronicle. Kolomna is situated on the banks of three rivers and has beautiful landscapes. The small town is Kolomna, but it is nice and pleasant to our heart and eyes with its towers, the Kremlin, old building. churches – all what remind us our history, a history of the Great Russia. There are many legends connected with our wonderful town In Kolomna we have our own Kremlin though it partly destroyed but you can see its 7 towers and some walls. The highest tower of the Kremlin is Kolomenskaya Tower. It stands near the Kolomenka river, but people call it Marinkina. In 1611 Marina Mnishek, a wife of pseudo Dmitry I and later pseudo Dmitry II was living there for some months. According to the legend a part of the Kolomna values were hidden by her in a place called Startsevsky Brood in 25 verses from Kolomna. All attempts of the treasure seekers to find them failed and it was attributed to Marina’s evilspell, because she was a witch. They said that when she was imprisoned in the tower, she turned into a magpie and flied away. According to the other version, Marina Mnishek died there in 1614 and sometimes you can see and fell her spirit wandering around the tower. But till now we don’t know it exactly.
So Kolomna is worth visiting. Wellcome to our unforgettable town.

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