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The Kolomna Pastila museum

Ерёмина Маргарита, ученица 7 «А» класса
МБОУ СОШ № 29,г. Коломна Московской области
Учитель: Круговых Юлия Александровна.

There are thousands of small towns and big cities in our country. Each of them has its own destiny, history, customs and traditions. Kolomna is not an exception. So I would like to tell you about one of the most popular museums of my native town. It is the Kolomna Pastila Museum. The museum was opened in January, 2009. The Kolomna pastila is an Old Russian sweet. It has become the symbol of our town since XIV century. The base of the pastila is apple flesh, but various ingredients such as honey, nuts or berries are added to make the finished product. This delicious treat was created in Kolomna as a way to preserve the apples that blanketed the town every autumn. There are about 50 different pastila recipes now. The museum is housed in a charming wooden house not far from the Oka River. In every room you can feel the appetizing smell of apple and cinnamon floats around. Visitors to the museum may drink a cup of tea with a slightly bitter sweetness. As a museum visitor I heard the history of the Old Russian sweet, tasted it and bought it as a souvenir. I am sure if you love your town you must know its history. You also should keep its traditions, as well as the Kolomna Pastila Museum keeps the tradition of the Old Russian sweet.

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