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Something from the history of Mytishchi

Лабутина Наталья, ученица 10 класса
МБОУ СОШ №27 Мытищинского Муниципального района
Московской области
Учитель Ананьева Елена Анатольевна

Mytishchi was first mentioned as a village in 1460. The name comes from the so-called Mytnye fees charged to merchants on their way to the portage of the Yauza-Klyazma.
In 1779-1804 Mytishchi became the first Russian water supply for Moscow. In 1862 the Great Mytishchi railroad was build.
In 1897 Savva Mamontov began building the first Carriage Works. Soon he built the country's first factory of artificial silk. In the second half of XIX - early XX centuries Mytishchi and the surrounding villages, now included in the city became popular summer resorts. Mytishchi got the status of the city from August 17, 1925. In 1929 the second electric station in the USSR Moscow-Mytishchi was constructed. In 1932 the territory of the city was greatly expanded. It included the villages of Great Mytishchi, Taininskoye, Rupasovo, Sharapovo, Sloboda Leonidovka, Perlovskoye, Druzhba.
Until the 60s of the twentieth century the main holiday destination in Mytishchi was Chelnokovsky park. Now there is an extensive Mytishchi Central Park of Culture and Recreation, located in the city centre. The road network of the city developed in a way that excludes the movement of transit vehicles through its centre. On the one hand, it reduces the flow of cars in urban areas. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to leave the town for some residents travelling to Moscow and from Moscow. There are a lot of projects to make our town one of the best in Moscow region. I love my city very much and I wish everyone visited it some day.

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