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Mytishchi as I see it

Чигринова Екатерина Николаевна, ученица 10 класса
МБОУ СОШ №27 Мытищинского Муниципального района
Московской области
Учитель Ананьева Елена Анатольевна

When was the last time you looked out of the window? Not to find out temperature outside or to see if snow melted. When was the last time you looked out of the window without any reason? People are so busy now. They run as fast as their legs can carry them, and they run away from life wearing headphones and paying attention to nothing around them.
I’m looking out of the window right now. How I love my hometown Mytishchi in spring! There are tower blocks like mountains on the horizon; snow isn’t touched by spring, naked trees: some of them will break into young leaf soon, but some will be bare forever – they couldn’t survive last summer’s heat. It’s an early morning. Snowflakes are flying up and small children are walking with their moms trying to catch them. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
It’s just an ordinary life in an ordinary neighbourhood of an ordinary town. There is nothing supernatural, nothing that would shine with dazzling beauty. The Puppet theatre has a very nice building with lovely atmosphere, but there is nothing special about it as well. The Central Park is large and old with children’s laugh between the trees but it is one in a hundred of hundreds. Buildings, schools, roads, gardens… I have a strange idea that there must be another town where everything is just the same.
But for me this town has always been and will be particular: particular with its ordinary tower blocks, grey entrances, dead trees, with its own urban romance. This town is the place I call my home, and there is no such a place like my hometown Mytishchi.

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