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Mytishchi as it is

Хомяченко Алиса, ученик 9 класса
МБОУ СОШ №27 Мытищинского Муниципального района
Московской области
Учитель Ананьева Елена Анатольевна

Everybody has his hometown. It is the place where you were born and grew up. And you always want to return here. As for me I live in Mytishchi. It is my native town.
Mytishchi is famous for its aqueduct built in the eighteenth century. It provided the Kremlin with pure water. The history of the town is closely connected with the Yauzskiy Port. Merchants had to pay a duty which was called myt. Nowadays Mytishchi is a very modern and nice town. It has got a very convenient location. Its population is about 170 000 people. This town is on the northeast of Moscow. It takes you only twenty minutes to get to our capital.
Mytishchi is a very beautiful town. There are a lot of flowers and trees, all streets are clean. More than that, there are two parks here. The most important is the Central park. It is the heart of the town. At the weekends the families come here to enjoy an amusement park, to go for walks and to relax. Also, this is the place where lovers meet. Besides, all the celebrations are hold in the park. Great concerts are organized here. Different groups show their programmes. They sing, dance and held sport competitions. Moreover, people can take part in different competitions. For example, bicyclist-racing, basketball, volleyball, football, running and others. In summer people come to play beach volleyball. Our administration pays a lot of attention to the development of sport. There are a lot of sport clubs in Mytishchi. Some of them are free. The most famous free club is DUSSH.
In conclusion, I would like to say that my hometown is a wonderful place and no doubt I can be proud of it.

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