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Березовский Николай Александрович
Московский промышленно-экономический колледж
Российский государственный торгово-экономический
университет (МПЭК РГТЭУ) студент 1 курса, факультет
«Автоматизация технологический процессов и производств».
Преподаватель: Демидова Юлия Викторовна

In life of each man there are moments which are connected with his native city, town, village. On the one hand Native land for man is there, where he was born and grew up. But on the other hand it doesn't matter that man has been born in one place and lives very far from it. Homeland is one.
I would like to tell about the place where I was born, grew up, studied, walked with true friends. This wonderful city is situated not far from Moscow and has name Odintsovo.
The village «Odintsovo» is known since 1470. The name of the village has received this name in honor of Andrew Odinec. He was boyar of Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy. In 1957 the village was transformed into the town. At the present time in whole district Odintsovo live more than two hundred thousand of people.
Our city is very favourable for life. I think here there are all opportunities in order to be happy. For example, the numerous trees decorate the environment not only inside city, but also beyond its bounds. There are a lot of forests round my town. Thanks to them we can enjoy a clear air. Not only trees create beauty. A staggering parks, sport and children grounds decorate it too.
A lot of people in Odintsovo love sport. It's wonderful that people are not indifferent to their health and they really want to engage sport. For this aim in the city there are different sports complexes. Moreover we proud of our outstanding sportsmen who glorify different kinds of sport and our city.
There are some advantages in each town. I can enumerate them for a long time. I just want to say that the favourite place for man is the place where he likes living. And native city is that city where he was born. It is extremely important not to confuse these two concepts. For me Odintsovo will remain native and favourite town forever!

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