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ELECTROSTAL: Have a Look at the Town

Olga Svetlichnaya
Form 7A , School No.12, Electrostal, Moscow Region
Teacher: Vera Andreyevna Sukhanova

If I were your guide I would show the most important and interesting places in our town: the monument to the founder of Electrostal Nikolai Vtorov, the building of Electrostal Town Council, the Eternal Flame, the Town Museum, the cinema, and lots of other lovely places. If you’re coming to Electrostal by car you’ll see that it’s about 58 km east of Moscow. You can also get here by train. Whether you are 3 or 103, you’ll find something to please the entire family at Electrostal’s array of attractions. Throughout the town, you’ll find museums, galleries, libraries, clubs and culture centres. Electrostal has a long tradition of supporting education. There are many schools and kindergartens, 12 institutions of higher education, 3 boarding schools, 4 vocational schools, 2 music schools, 1 art school, a music college, a medical college, some technical colleges. We’ve got 47 kinds of sport in Electrostal. There are good facilities for sports: 2 swimming pools, the Ice Palace, 3 stadiums, different sports clubs.
For a picnic in summer or weekend skiing in winter visit any of our ponds located around the town. Hungry? Enjoy the casual atmosphere of our popular cafes: “Gusi”, “Capra”, “Arkada”, “Imperator”, “McDonalds” and what not. As for shopping - no problem! There is a variety of smart shopping choices: shopping centers, department stores, corner-shops, shopping outlets. While there are a lot of fun things to see and do in our beautiful town, it is important to remember that Electrostal is a town of industry and is ranked as the first largest industrial centre in the Moscow Region. Our town is rather young. It’s only 73 years old. We’d like our town to flourish so that we could say some day, “O! Electrostal… Now that’s the living!”

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