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Village Pavlovskoe, Lukhovitsy, Moscow region

Иванов Виктор Александрович, класс 9
Проживаю Д. Павловское Луховицкий район Московская область
Школа МБОУ Павловская ООШ
Учитель Шишкина С.В.
Директор Курепина В.А.

Where the river Mecha
Among the vast plains and forests
Lenin collective farm lives.
It’s the village of my forefathers.
Chorus: Pavlovskoe, dear.
My dear, dear!
Since childhood, I know you -
Pavlovskoe - my motherland !

(a song by an unknown author).

Each person has his own corner - his own home. I would like to talk about my homeland, the village Pavlovskoe, Lukhovitsky region, Moscow oblast. Here I was born and am going to live.
Located in the south at the distance of 18 kilometers from the town Lukhovitsy. Earlier it was a collective farm-millionaire, formed in 1930. The first chairman was Novichkov, Timokhin later. Then it was called Molotov’s collective farm. It was part of a village Pavlovskoe. There were about 30 houses in Pavlovskoe those days. The village had its own chapel in the distance. There was not school in Pavlovskoe, children went to Protasovo, Klementievo, Koshelevo, Konchakovo. After the Second World War a little wooden school appeared. Later in its building was a stable, a smithy, a barn and a warehouse. Opposite, was the house of the headmaster Ignatova. The house was also used for calf shed and pigsty. At the end of the 80s this house was washed and rebuilt in kindergarten. In the building of the first school in the village a family lives now.
Now Pavlovskoe is home for about 800 residents, including 500 youth. Pavlovskoe such as we now see it: street Molodozhnaya with high buildings, community facilities and industrial buildings. In Central street of our village lives mainly indigenous population, its old-timers. A big 9-years school in the centre. Buses comes only 4 times a day, but it’s not a problem for people, who really admire this place.

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