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п. Ватутинки
Ленинского района Московской области
Бабкин Илья Андреевич
МОУ «Ватутинская общеобразовательная средняя школа
с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов
им. Д.В.Рябинкина»
Ученик 6В класса

I think that native place for everyone is a place, where he lives, grows, develops and studies. Such place for me is Vatutinky. Each settlement has its own name. As a rule, it is formed because of some historical fact or it may be named after some famous person. Our settlement isn't an exception to this rule. There are several legends about its name. Is it true or false, we don't know. But it's known for certain that Vatutinky takes rise in 17 century. Napoleon was observed here and fascists craved here, too.
The modern temper of Vatutinky began to develop in 1930s-l940s. There was only a village here before. But the number of military units rose and our village became a military camp. First construction started with building red houses. The more military units were built, the more our settlement developed. The citizens even provide themselves with their own school, where the children of servicemen and builders could study. When the Great Patriotic War began, the majority of men went to defend our Motherland. Their workplaces were kept in general by women. They worked instead of men on the military units. Their feat is great. We only just keep thanksgiving them for it.
As a reminder of our citizens' feat, in our military camp in the most picturesque and the most attended place was set up a monument to those, who has fallen for their country. Every spring the flowers are laid on it. Very soon we will celebrate 70 years of our nation's victory in the Great Patriotic War. Pupils of our class will take part in it.
The life is fleeting and soon our small town Vatutinky will become a part of a big city Moscow. The main thing we have to do - not to lose identity and historical roots in this race, because Vatutinky is a place, about which was written a lot of songs, including a famous Russian song "Moscow suburb nights". A singer poet Oleg Mityaev devotes his songs and poems tour town.

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