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Pervomayskoye, Moscow region

Кречетова Татьяна Александровна, ученица 11 класса
Частного Учреждения города Москвы
«СОШ во имя апостола и евангелиста Иоанна Богослова»
Учитель – Ищенко Екатерина Сергеевна.
Поселение Первомайское, Московская область

I would like to speak about the settlement of Pervomayskoye, Moscow region. The church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit is situated there. The history of this church is very old and interesting. In ancient times there used to be St. Nicholas Church. It was first mentioned in the letter of Ivan Kalita in 1339. At that time it was attached to Voznesensky monastery.
V. M. Rtishchev built a stone church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in honour of the victory at Poltava in 1709. In the middle of the 19th century I. P. Musin-Pushkin built a bell tower with the chapel of St. Juliana. Unfortunately, the church was closed and destroyed in 1930’s. The building was used for different needs.
In 1992 services resumed. The church was renovated and decorated. By the way, the rector of the church, archpriest father Sergiy (Makhonin) is the director of the only Orthodox school in the Western district of Moscow. This school is named after St. John, the Divine. Apparently, the school students and teachers regularly come to the church to celebrate great Orthodox feasts, such as Christmas or Easter as well as the days commemorating St. Nicholas and St. John, the Divine, the patron of the school. All of us look forward to these trips, because the children also have an opportunity to spend their free time outdoors after the service. All people find something to do on the interest: football, volleyball, or walk around the beautiful places on the river. A lot of children are involved in the church services, helping the priests or singing in the choir. My friends and I are very fond of our school and enjoy visiting the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in Pervomayskoye.

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