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Gremyachiy (waterfall)

Панин Никита, ученик 10 «А» класса,
школы № 1242 г. Москвы.
Учитель Полятыкина Ирина Петровна.

The holy spring Gremyachiy key is located 14 km south-east of Sergiev Posad, near the village of Vzglyadnevo, Moscow region. It is also called Gremyachiy waterfall, because beats from the heights of the hills, and the noise of its waters can be heard from afar. According to the legend the waterfall was consecrated by Sergius on his way to Kirzhach. Nowadays this place of natural beauty is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims and tourists, as its water is supposed to have medicinal qualities.
There is a whole complex of wooden buildings representing a remarkable monument of wooden architecture in the style of the Russian north. The chapel, nailed with huge logs deserves special attention. Then you will find a few baths, a cabin for changing and verandas for rest, the wooden stairs and the observation deck. On the field in front there is a relatively recently built wooden church. Water temperature is 6 ° C, constant throughout the year, so after bathing tea from the samovar is offered.
Travel from Moscow along Yaroslavl highway is rather comfortable except the last 4 kilometers, where the road goes over a rough terrain and only the dry season gives you the opportunity to travel easily. In autumn and spring, this area can be overcome only by an advanced off-road vehicle or on foot. The place is also used for off-road meetings-competitions.
Gremyachiy is worth visiting and will suit holidaymakers, from those in search of adventure to those simply searching for taste of unspoilt nature.

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