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Murmansk. My home town.

Сухочева Наталия Анатольевна
МБОУ школа №36 г. Мурманска
Работа учащейся 5а класса
Учитель английского языка Нечаева Татьяна Викторовна

I live in Murmansk. It is the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle and the capital of the Murmansk Region that occupies the Kola Peninsula. The climate of the Region depends on the Gulf Stream. Murmansk is the biggest port in the Polar area of Russia. It is a hero - city. The official date of the town's foundation is the 4th of October, 1916. It was named after the Russian Royal Dynasty of the Romanovs – Romanov-on-Murman. The town was renamed Murmansk after the February Revolution in 1917. I am fond of Murmansk in winter. There is a lot of snow everywhere. Winter is the longest season here. There is the Polar night in winter, and you can see the beautiful Northern lights in the sky. I enjoy skiing and skating. Murmansk has got a lot of different traditions. Many holidays are celebrated in the Five Corners Square. One of my favourite holidays is Maslenitsa. There are a lot of people in the square. They dance, sing, go around the Scarecrow of Maslenitsa and then burn it. People eat pancakes and have a lot of fun. Our city was nearly destroyed during the Great Patriotic War. The monument to the Defenders of the Polar area is situated on the hill near the lake Semyonovskoe. People call it Alyosha. You can see this monument from many places in Murmansk. Our people love Alyosha very much. It is one of the most famous sights of Murmansk. Murmansk has the biggest oceanarium where scientists study arctic animals. Also people can go there to see animal performances. I love my city and am proud of it. It is amazing. Come and see it! You are welcome!

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