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Murmansk Artists

My name is Dmitrieva Irina.
I am from Murmansk. I am in the 5th form.
I study at secondary school # 49.

I like painting, drawing, taking photos. I attend Art School. I love my city and decided to take part in the competition ‘Our country is our heritage’. I think that my story about Murmansk artists will be useful and cognitive.

I want to tell you about my native city. It is Murmansk. It is young enough. Murmansk is only 95 years old. I love my home city and I think it is the best. Murmansk is surrounding by picturesque hills, amazing lakes and unusual forests which are rich in mushrooms and berries. I like my city for its inimitable beauty. I watch its transformation every day. Murmansk and its colours change depending on seasons, time, events, occasions and even my mood. The unique beauty of scenery and diversity of Murmansk are reflected in the works of Murmansk artists such as Kumashov Vladimir, Bubentsov Vitaly, Kovalyov Nikolai, Chebotar Sergey and the youngest artist Beryoza Anastasiya. Their works are exhibited in the Regional Local Lore Museum and the Art Museum. Their paintings are full of love and irony, happiness and sadness, harmony and realism. They depicted people and houses, streets and squares, yards and trees. Bubentsov V. paints the landscape without any changes and the trees, buildings and other objects are in his paintings very true to life.
A very lyrical painter who successfully connected light and shade effects is Beryoza A. Her works are poetic in tone and atmosphere. Sergey Chebotar is a very versatile artist; he is trying to find something new. In his pictures he reflected the everyday life of the city and its dwellers. In many of his works the scenes of life are accompanied by irony. Paintings of Kumashov V. are distinguished by a marvellous sense of colour and composition. He tries to combine form and colour into harmonious unity. All of these artists are devoted to the city they live in.

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