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Murmansk, hero city

Kolya Gulyev 8b
form Murmansk Municihal
secondary school 49.

Interests: Nature, books, computers.

I live in the hero city Murmansk. It is located on the Far North, on the Kola Peninsula which is washed by the waters of a warm stream known as the Gulf Stream. But our city is famous not only for the freezing port, but for minerals that are mined on the Kola Peninsula. They say there are almost all minerals of Mendeleev’s periodical table. Thanks to the Murmansk region it is one of the centres of metallurgy in Russia. As for me, I like our nature very much. You can see it on the photo.
For two hundred days a year Murmansk is covered with snow, although in the south of the region the winter is slightly shorter. The Polar Night officially begins on December 2nd and lasts until January 15th. The hours of darkness last longer and longer until the longest night, which is on December 22nd. During this period you may well be lucky enough to witness the unusual natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The sun only begins to shine on the Kola Peninsula in the middle of January. We even celebrate the local holiday ”Hello, sun”. March is the brightest and sunniest month of the year. The skiing season begins and in April skier can even get a suntan, but it is not until the end of April or beginning of May that real spring comes to Murmansk. The official beginning of the Polar Day is May 22nd, when the sun doesn't set at all. The White nights last until July 22 nd. I am proud of my native place.

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