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Murmansk, the world's largest city

Masha Babak 8b form
Murmansk Municipal secondary school 49

Interests: Geography, English.

The world's largest city is located behind the northern Polar circle. The population of 307 664 people (census of 2010, the 61-th place by population in Russia).
221 874308 642380 817468 039336 137307 664
Up until the 1930, the population of Murmansk was relatively low: in 1917 lived 1,3 thousand people, in the 1920 - 2.5, in 1926 - 9 thousand. The rapid increase in the number of residents began in the late 1920s and was associated with the development of the Murmansk sea port, the creation and maintenance of the soviet Northern fleet, construction of a number of civil and military facilities on the territory of the Murmansk region. When their construction is actively used the work of a number of hard-labor camp Gulag system, in which the lump sum of holding up to 8 thousand people. By 1939, the population of Murmansk was 119 thousand.
The Heart of the Leninsky district is Semenovskoe Lake, in the centre of which is a fountain. On its shores is located Murmansk oceanarium, the most northern in the world. A unique visiting card of the city were recently built bridge over the Kola bay and the Temple of the Savior on water. The town is stretched more than on 20 kilometers along the rocky east coast of the Kola bay, 50 km away from the exit to the open sea. Murmansk is located in 1967 kilometers to the north from Moscow and in 1488 kilometers away from St. Petersburg. The highest point of the city of Murmansk is a nameless hill on the eastern border of the city height of 305 meters

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