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MURMANSK, facts about city

Liza Rudenko,
8b form Murmansk Municipal secondary school 49.

Interests: Reading, English.

Murmansk is situated on the rocky east coast of the Kola bay of the Barents Sea. Murmansk is the world's largest city located behind the Northern polar circle, in the zone of permafrost. It is one of the largest ports of Russia.
In three districts of the city there are more than 30 monuments and memorial boards. The most noteworthy are two memorial complexes: the monument to the defenders of the Soviet Polar region (in Murmansk everyone calls it Alyosha) and the seamen who died in peace-time. Murmansk Alyosha is one of the highest monuments in Russia.
Murmansk is the closest neighbour to the south of the ancient town of Kola. Murmansk, expanding, has already reached the southern parts of the outskirts of the city. From the west and the east the town is surrounded by forests.
16 km to the north of the town is closed administrative-territorial formation the city of Severomorsk, the base of the Northern fleet. In Murmansk, in spite of its young age there are a lot of attractions. The largest number of attractions is concentrated in the Oktyabrsky district, on the area Five Corners and Lenin prospect. Here is the highest building in the city the hotel "Arctic" which has 16 floors, as well as the first monument in Murmansk a monument to victims of foreign intervention. I am missing my Murmansk when I am away on my summer holidays.

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