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Murmansk, the traditional Northen Sports Festival

Vasya Pischasov 8a form,
Murmansk Municipal secondary school 49.

Interests: Sport, music.

Annually, in March the traditional Northen Sports Festival takes place in Murmansk. Nowadays the 78th anniversary of it occurred. Ski-track of Friendship for Barents Region was not held this year because of the lack of snow.
30 of March, 1934 is considered to be the beginning of the North Festival tradition.86 skiers were the participants of the competitions on that day in 1934, there came guests from Leningrad, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Vologda, Gorkyi. Ski racing, mass crosses, military-like competitions, grenade throwing were included into the schedule of the first North Festival.
In hard years of the Great Patriotic War the North Festival remained one of the few competitions, still held in the country. Sportsmen came to the start line right from the front, and then they returned back.
Nowadays the starting point of the North Festival is the Valley of Comfort (Dolina Uyuta), one of the most beautiful places of Murmansk.(see a photo) In 1970 the North Festival was included into the international sports calendar, and biathlon was listed in the program. Sportsmen from Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, the USA, and necessary from Norway, Finland, Sweden, have been competing in the north sport routs since then. National kinds of sports, such as reindeer races, skier towing after a reindeer, arouse the most interest. They prepare great various programs, including mass folk fest, international parties, disco, and concerts. The pick of the festival is the ski marathon in the Valley of Comfort. People can go in for 30 kinds of sport but the most popular leisure activity in Murmansk has been skiing.

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