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Murmansk is not a very large city

Alyona Sugatskaya 8b,
Murmansk Municipal secondary school 49.

Interests: English, arts.

Murmansk is not a very large city. It is an important centre for business, tourism and industry. It is also the centre of the Murmansk region.
The history of the city goes back 95 years, when the city was established. Official date of the town's foundation is the 4-th of October 1916. It was named after the Russian Royal Dinasty Romanovs - Romanov - on - Murman. The town has been renamed Murmansk after February Revolution 1917.
The foundation of the town is connected with the First World War. Russia was isolated from allies in that war; therefore it was decided to build a sea port on the shore of never freezing Kola Inlet and to connect it with the Russian capital Petrograd by the railway. The geologists arrived here on the 19-th of June 1915. Murmansk was a small town with barracks and slums.
The hardest times for Murmansk were during the Second World War. Being burned and ruined, the town still lived and worked. After the war Murmansk has been restored and rebuild almost anew. In 1985 Murmansk was given the name of the city hero.. Also you can visit The Regional Museum of Local Lore, where you can find a lot of interesting information about Murmansk Region. There is also The Art Museum.(see a photo)
At the weekend you can go skiing and skating in the winter and camping, hunting and fishing in the summer. Murmansk is a very picturesque city, with a lot of lakes and beautiful forests. Our city is very popular with its people. There is a legend devoted to the name of Semyonovskoye lake connected with the name of Semyon Korzhov. We love our city very much and we think it's a beautiful and modem one.

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