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Our favourite Murmansk

Dasha Makhotina 8A form
Kirill Bondarev 8b form
Murmansk Municipal secondary school 49

Dasha Makhotina

Murmansk city is situated on the shore of the Kola Bay. This bay is special – It doesn’t freeze in winter, because the Gulf Stream is flown there. The Sea Trading Port is the biggest port in Russia over the Arctic Circle. Also Murmansk has powerful nuclear–powered icebreakers’ fleet. Murmansk is the administrative centre of the region. Total population reaches 330 thousand people.In 1985 city was awarded by the title of the Hero City. I am proud that I live in this beautiful city.

Kirill Bondarev

I am proud of my city and I think it can be the best not with the best climate, but with the best people. I live in Murmansk. It can attract people by its unfrozen port. The life of Murmansk is very close connected to sea and ocean. Many of it’s inhabitants are fishermen, like my father, merchant and icebreaker ships’ seamen, employing on shipyards and fisheries. They have their own holiday. It is called the Day of Fisherman and celebrated on the second Sunday in July. There is a Palace of Seamen in Murmansk. A lot of boys are dreaming to become captains.

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