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Port of Murmansk

Василевская Элина Борисовна
МБОУ гимназия №8, г. Мурманск
учитель английского языка

Murmansk is the largest seaport in the Russian Far North. It takes a unique place among the northern ports of Russia due to its climatic condition. The water along Murmansk port remains ice-free throughout the year because of the warm Gulf Stream making this seaport an important center for fishing and shipping base of the Russian Navy. The port line is stretching along the Kola Bay for more than 10 km. Ships of many countries call at the city, which is rightfully known as the gateway to the Arctic.
The port has never seen an interruption of work. In World War II Murmansk served as the main port for Anglo-American convoys, carrying war supplies to the USSR through the Arctic Ocean.
At present Murmansk is the center of Russian fish industry and its fish-processing plant is one of the largest in Europe. The figure of fish adorns the city’s coats.
Murmansk port is the port of registration of the bark “Sedov”, the largest sailing vessel in the world. All the nuclear icebreakers of Russia are also registered in Murmansk seaport. It is home port to Atomflot, the world’s only fleet of nuclear powered icebreakers. Murmansk port now has plans for expansion. The port wants to grow further with the establishment of a special economic port zone, which will stretch over both sides of the Kola Bay.

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