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My Name is Alyona.
I am 13 years old.
I have been living in Nickel
since I was born here.
I study at school №1.

I am fond of play musical instruments, swimming and playing volleyball. I am interested in foreign languages, and I am eager to take part in the project "Our country - is our heritage!"

If we look at the map of our country, we can see a very small point in the north – west of Russia. This town or exactly the settlement nickel is situated in the northern part of Russia. It was founded more that 60 years ago. Nickel is the administrative center of Pechengsky District of Murmansk Region, Russia, located 196 to the kilometers northwest of Murmansk and 7 kilometers from the Norwegian border.
In Nickel, there are schools, a music school, an art school, sport complex "Metallurg", three libraries, and club for children. The people here are very friendly and good-natured. Those, who arrive from other cities very much like Nickel.
The fauna is typical for the North with reindeers in tundra and Elks, brown bears, wolves, foxes, polar foxes. The flora of the Petchenga district has wonderful vegetation - birches, cedars, fur - tree and pine trees.Close to Nickel is a very beautiful waterfall which attracts many tourists. That’s standing near the lake and breathtaking. It is a stunner.
Nickel is especially beautiful in summer when trees and flowers become bright and colorful. The settlers are trying to keep nickel pure and beautiful.

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