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Festival “Brotherhood of Folk Craftsmen” in the town of Gorodets

Звездина Яна, ученица 9б класса
МБОУ СОШ №7 имени Героя России А. А. Крупинова
г. Городца, Нижегородской области
Руководитель проекта – учитель английского языка
Цапулина Людмила Анатольевна, учитель высшей категории

On the last Sunday of July one of the most fascinating holidays, the festival “Brotherhood of Folk Craftsmen” is held in our ancient town. It has already become the visit card of the town. The festival is devoted to all kinds of folk handicrafts of the region and the country. A great number of craftsmen from all over the country arrive at Gorodets. Every year the festival attracts more and more attention.. The festival is the very unforgettable action.. The town embankment changes into “The Town of Craftsmen”, where one can see how the hands of the craftsmen give rise to a masterpiece or a highly artistic work of art. .The citizens and guests of Gorodets can attend different exhibitions with metaphorical titles: “Carved fairy-tale” - the photo-exhibition of the traditional images of the Gorodets caving, “Chintz glade” – the exhibition of the patch-work handicraft wares, made in the “Paraskeva” workshop, “Sit-round gathering on the porch” – the exhibition of the masters of the traditional folk arts and crafts of the regions of Russia, No doubt, the festival “Brotherhood of Folk Craftsmen”is a bright unforgettable feast, a concert programme with the best performers of the town and region taking part in the concert, a jolly fair of exhibitions and photo salons, and a lot of master classes.. Each guest of festival can take home handmade souvenirs in the co-authorship with the real crafts master. In the evening in a traditional Gorodets rest zone «Cheremonovo’s bog» perform musical collectives. People take place in a cafe verandah, round a pond with fountains, on benches round the bog or simply on grass, and enjoy the enchanting melodies of Gorodets composers and songs about Gorodets.
Later on Volga embankment all who live in Gorodets and town visitors gather at a moorage to dance and have fun waiting for a final part of the program - the festive fireworks which finishing the unforgettable festival day.

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