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All is not gold that glitters

Автор: Белоусова Анастасия Сергеевна,
Ученица 11 класса МБОУ Кушнурская
СОШ Шарангского района Нижегородской области
Руководители: Лежнина Анна Владимировна,
Домрачева Елена Павловна, учителя иностранных языков

«Good morning, dear guests! Welcome to Kushnur, a picturesque village situated on the north – eastern part of Nizhny Novgorod region…» When I was a child, I often imagined myself as a tourist guide presenting the most attractive places of my native land. Now it’s not a dream for me anymore. Me and my friends lead free excursions around Kushnur and we are proud of it.
To begin with, the main excursion route lies along the Central Street, the oldest street in the village. I must note that Volostnaja Uprava’s building is the most popular visitor’s attraction. This brick, two – storeyed building was founded in 1905 as a centre of Yukshumskaya Volost´. One can hardly imagine the fact that Kushnur was an important cultural, economical and political centre. I’m sure lots of historical decisions were made indoors Volostnaja Uprava.
This building is tightly connected with mysterious legends. I become aware that there was a prison on the first floor. Metal window’s lattices prove this version. They say prisoners were tortured on the cellar of the building. That’s why people are afraid of ghosts and the dead souls. Moreover, people believe that there is an underground tunnel leading to the church. But no one can really approve it. Probably thanks to the tunnel «white Generals» (they organized the social protest in August 1918) had successfully run away. In 1930s the building became being used as a school, but in January 1989 it was burned.
Of course, this architectural composition doesn’t have a great importance, but the building united several generations’ history. That’s why I wish it were rebuilt in order to organize sleepovers like in the Tower of London. I think, it’s a wonderful way to tell people about their past.

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