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Добродеев Антон Викторочич
ГБОУ СПО «Пильнинский агропромышленный техникум»
Студент 1 курса

We are the students of the Pilna agricultural technical school. Our settlement is situated on the bank of the river Piyana in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.
Pilna has an ancient and glorious history. It was founded in 1698 by the Peter the Great law for the purposes of the wooden industry. But it is not Pilna that we want to tell you about. Not far from Pilna is a large village called Bortsurmany. Russian saint Aleksey Bortsurmansky was born there in 1762 in a family of the local priest.
He became the priest himself but at first he was not very good at all. But later he was granted a gift of healing and prevision by God. His glory went around our country and people from the whole country came to him to ask for help. He helped a great deal of people by his prayers. When he was going to die he asked his followers not to cry for him but continued to ask him for help. He said he would try to help them on heaven. He died in 1848. But people came to his grave again and again. It was a tradition to take some soul from his grave after the prayer and eat it with some water in case of a serious illness. And wonders continued to happen regularly.
During the Soviet period the soldiers tried to ruin the grave but the people of the village protected it from destruction. Russian saint Aleksey Bortsurmansky was canonized by the Russian church in 2000. And he is still helping people from all parts of our country to deal with their sorrows and illnesses.

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