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A Mari legend

Титов Максим Сергеевич, ученик 6 класса
МБОУ Кушнурская СОШ Шарангского района Нижегородской области
Лежнина Анна Владимировна, учитель иностранных языков

What is the main flavor of the countryside? Of course, it is nature, its beauty and life energy. Let’s protect nature! We often listen to this offer on TV, radio and read it in various newspapers. But why should we do it?
To realize environmental importance we can turn to folk’s legends. I would like to tell you one of them. To begin with, one day Mari people found a big deep lake. They liked it and decided to occupy the land near it. The place was called Kushnur and the lake – Kukun – pue. They cared about that lake very much and used its water only for drinking and cooking. They were not allowed to wash their clothes in it. But one lazy woman broke that rule. The water host Vyud –Osa was very angry and took the poor woman into a deep dark lake. After that there was a storm at the lake for 2 days. On the third day people saw a white swan. It touched the water and flew away to the sky. The water fallowed it and disappeared. People saw that woman. She was alive but Mari didn’t have a big lake any more. On its place a small pond appeared. I often remember this legend and tell it to my friends. It helps me to be kind to nature and not to hurt it.

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