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Valday The Iversky Monastery

Носова Надежда Петровна
Учитель английского языка высшей категории

The Iversky Monastery takes a particular place in the history of Valday. In 1653 metropolitan Nikon future patriarch of Russia started the building of the monastery on one of the islands of Lake Valdai. Since the first years of the existence of the Iversky Monastery has been cherished phenomena of a spiritual and cultural life of Russia. There was organized the first provincial printing – house that was of a great impotance for Nikon’s book reform and spiritual education of old Russia. Here was the centre of tiles production blacksmith and founding trades, carving.The lay-out of the Iversky Monastery remainesince 17-th century is distinctive and amazing. Patriarch Nicon organized the first mason school here and this resulted in the unprecedental development of the stone architecture. In 1991 the Iversky Monastery was returned to Novgorod eparchy. Some monks and novices live there now. Many people visit the Iversky Monastery from many cities and countries of the world every year. V. V. Putin likes to visit the Iversky Monastery when he has a rest near Valday in his residence. Welcome to Valday and see you in Valday.
I hope my composition will stimulate you to choose Valday for holiday. On the sky is heaven- and on the ground is Valday as patriarch Nicon said. As for me I like to visit the Iversky Monastery with my Children too when I have free time.

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