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Village Chechulino. Novgorod Region.

Ващенко Кирилл Станиславович, ученик 7 класс
Учитель: Гупало Татьяна Григорьевна
МАОУ «Чечулинская СОШ»

I would like to tell you about my native place. I live in the village of Chechulino. It is located in the North-West of Russia. Our village is linked with Novgorod Veliky by bus service.
According to Dahl’s Dictionary the word "chechulya" means children's toys. Probably the first buildings of our village made such an impression. There are several versions when it appeared on the map of our country. I have discovered that our village is as ancient as Novgorod the Great. The first mention of Chechulino refers to the 9 - 11th centuries. In olden days that land was known as the settlements of Chechulino, Votsko and Klyukoshevo, situated quiet close to one another. In the long run Chechulino swallowed up other settlements. From the 18th century it was mentioned in the chronicle frequently. In 1878 the villagers built the first school there. Forty - five children (twenty - nine boys and sixteen girls aged of 9 - 10 years) attended the school. Sometimes they missed their classes for bad weather and the lack of warm clothes and footwear and during the harvest time. In the school library there were fifty - five books. They were used not only by pupils but also by other educated villagers.
I love my birthplace from the bottom of my heart. Contemporary village has got all the necessary conditions for life. It differs little from that of the city folk. Around our village there are powerful industrial plants which produce a lot of things: wood for furniture, meat products, chemicals and fodder for cattle.
Thanks to this project I have become more closely acquainted with the history of my native village. And I am proud that it has a long history, such deep roots that lead through the centuries.

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