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Novgorod. "City of Military Glory".

Серегина Ксения Ученица 8 Б класса,
Новгородская область, город Великий Новгород,
МАОУ Гимназия «Исток»
Учитель английского языка
Мельникова Снежана Васильевна

My name is Kseniya Seregina. I study in the 8th form. Novgorod is the place, where I was born. Novgorod is the father of Russian cities. The history of my town began in 859. Novgorod was an independent and rich town there was widespread literacy and science. This is evidenced by a lot of birch-bark scrolls. In my town there are lots of interesting places which I like to visit with my friends. Novgorod Detinets as part of the historical center of Veliky Novgorod is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Novgorod was awarded the title "City of Military Glory". After the Second World War Novgorod remained only ruins. However the ancient town was restored again.
I live in Veliky Novgorod and I know that every year on that day our veterans and other people visit in Kremlin to bring the flowers and lay wreaths to the Eternal flame. A lot of guests from different countries come to Russia to participate in the celebrations. After war the ancient town was restored again.
Novgorod combines old and new. The town has modern means of communication, galleries, art school, two theaters, a philharmonic, ballet staff, music and dance ensembles, own TV and radio channels. I would like to enter the University which named after Yaroslav the Wise. It is one of the largest research centers in the north-west Russia. I am very proud that I was born in Novgorod, because it is the most beautiful town in the country.

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