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Боброва Алена, ученица 10 класса
МОУ СОШ №10 «Пересвет» г. Бердска
Учитель: Волкова Наталья Леонидовна

Many people think that Siberia is a cold and uncomfortable place. Yes, nature has not been kind to Siberia. It is very cold most of the year. But how many places in Russia are very warm all the time? Of course, very few, all in the South. In my opinion, it is very comfortable to live in Siberia in winter. It is warm inside & cold outside the houses as a rule. I was born in Novosibirsk, but my hometown is Berdsk, because I have been living here since my childhood. My native town Berdsk has an excellent situation, because it’s located near two rivers & surrounded by green woods. V.Gorokhov is known to have been one of the most respected merchants at that time. In general, he made a lot of donations for libraries, churches and people.
Nowadays, our life is different, because it is changing for better. At present my town looks nice and modern. It is situated in a very picturesque place on two rivers. There is much fresh air without factory smoke in the vast grounds around our town. We can not find such bright colors of the nature in any other part of Russia. As Berdsk is the administrative center it has a Municipal Council. There are many schools, kindergartens, five sport complexes, a music school, Creative Centre for Children and Yong People’s Leisure Centre. There are two beautiful temples (Preobrazhenskiy and Sretenskiy), which were built for all inhabitants and their souls. A lot of people go there with their children every week.
If we have some free time we go to our bid and beautiful park. There is a children playground and a fairytale corner with animals there. People are hospitable in our town. And if you have a chance to come to us you will enjoy the beauty of nature.

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