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Achairsky monastery

Julia Levina, 17, form -10-2,
Grammar school №146,
Omsk, Russia
Teacher Shapoval Larisa Pavlovna.

I live in Omsk. Omsk was founded in 1716 as a fortress. Now it’s a modern cultural centre with its history and traditions. Some years ago restoration of many cultural and religious monuments was begun. I want to tell you about one of them - Achairsky monastery. It is situated in 50 km up the Irtysh River. Achairsky monastery is a wonderful place where you can have a rest, pray for relatives, bathe in heat of source with mineral water. That’s why more and more people visit this holy place every day by bus, bike, car or motor ship. Passing by this monastery tourists enjoy picturesque view of the nature. And gold domes of the Uspensky Cathedral fascinate everyone by magnificence and greatness.
But it wasn’t so some years ago. The history of Achairsky monastery began with Bogoroditce-Mikhailovo-Arhangelskaya women community at the end of the 19th century. In the late twenties it was closed, scolded and plundered by Bolsheviks. One of the biggest temples in Russia - the Uspensky cathedral in Omsk was destroyed. In the early thirties in its walls the most terrible camps in the USSR were placed. In 16 years of existence in it about 200000 people were lost. Here people perished from intolerable living conditions: not heated barracks in one board, through penetrated by an ice wind, snow and rain, easy clothes, a 40-degree frost, poor food… In the territory of the monastery ditches in which bodies of the died were dumped remained. In 1991 archbishop Omsk and Tarsky Feodosiy reported about intention to erect Achairsky Krestovy female monastery in memory of events and victims of that time. The laying of the monastery passed from blagosloveniye of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II. Now in the territory of the Achairsky monastery there are 7 temples, 3 chapels, the Northern Sacred Gate (an entrance in the monastery), the Western, East and Irtysh Gate are constructed.
Achairsky monastery is famous for its source of mineral water. Today thousands of people come hear with hope of cure and recovery. The main wonder is the temperature of the source water - 36,6C in severe frost.
I love this wonderful place very much!

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