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Tyukalinsk District

Демьяненко Ираида Сергеевна, учитель английского языка.
МОКУ «Гимназия г. Тюкалинска»
Омская область, г. Тюкалинск

Tyukalinsk District was formed in 1924. The stretches of its territory is 6.4 thousand square kilometers. The climate is fairly severe there. It is cold in winter and hot and humid during the short summer period due to strong influence of the Arctic Ocean.
There are many lakes in the district. Among them are the Rasliv, the Remennikovo, the Koshara, the Atrachinskoe and the Chetarly. The lakes are full of fish such as perch, pike, carp and sturgeon.
Wild animals live in the local forests. There one can find foxes, hares, deer, hedgehogs, wolves and others. Tyukalinsk district comprises 16 rural administrations. The population of the district is multinational. At present 91, 9 % of the whole district population are Russians, 4 % - Kazakhs, 1,9 % - Germans, 1,0 - Ukrainians, 0,3 % Tatars. Also there live people of other nationalities: Byelorussians, Georgians, Jews, Armenians and Georgians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Bashkirs and others. The administrative centre is Tyukalinsk. It is a beautiful town with its history and traditions. It has some places of interest such as the Tyukalinsk Local Studies Museum, the Picture Gallery, the Central District Library, the Central Park and others. A new Sport Palace with the skating-rink is the most popular place for inhabitants of the whole district.
Tyukalinsk has a very interesting cultural, educational and sport life. All inhabitants of the whole district love Tyukalinsk very much. They are proud of all achievements of their native town and district.

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