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A cultural life of the village

Фисенко Ксения 8 класс,
Учитель английского языка Набоко Наталья Александровна
МКОУ «Бобринская СОШ».

The village of Bobrinka is a typical village of Omsk region. It is cultural life is rich in different events. People of different nationalities live in our place: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Germans, Maris, Lezghins, and Chuvash’s. They are fond of folk songs and folk dances. Children and adults have an opportunity to develop their skills in dancing and sinning.
They take part in different concerts, festivals of national cultures and competitions. There is a folk chorus for adults and exemplary ensemble group for children.
The folk dance group “Rodnichyok” is very popular in our region. Our actors won a lot of regional prizes in different regional festivals. A lot of concerts devoted to various holidays take place in our village. There is a special cultural event in our place. It is “A Day of the street”. It is spent in a summer day. People living on the same street meet together, fete the people of labor, their families. They organize exhibitions of the things made by themselves. They sing and dance, drink tea and eat tasty things. There is a content of the best house. We of our village and try to preserve and enrich cultural traditions of our society.
Welcome to our place!!!

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