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The village of Bobrinka

Кажкаримова Айнагуль 9 класс
Учитель: Набока Наталья Александровна
МКОУ «Бобринская СОШ»
с. Бобринка, Нововаршавский район, Омская область.

Our village is a small part of our great country. It is situated in Western Siberia in the south of Omsk region, Novovarshavsky district. It is more than one hundred years old. Bobrinka is located in a steppe zone. Many years ago in our place there were many salty lakes but now they dried.
There are some legends about the name of our village. One of them tells us that the first immigrants from Ukrain called the village of Bobrinka after the count Bobrinsky.
They began to build dug-outs. Later they built wooden houses. The first school was opened in 1910. In 1927 the club began its work. In 1924 in the village the first collective farm was organized. About one thousand and four hundred people of different nationalities live in our place: Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Germans, Maris. They are friendly to each other. The villagers are hardworking. They are busy with cattle farming and gardening.
There is a local museum, an outpatient department, a stadium, a kindergarten, a secondary school, an art school, a post-office, a House of culture and some small shops. Our village is beautiful. You can see a lot of flowers and trees in the streets. We love our village, we are proud of its history and people. We shall try to do our best to continue its nice traditions. You are welcome to our place!

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