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Идрисов Артур Шавкатович
Г. Оренбург, МОБУ «СОШ №35»

I am from Orenburg and I am proud of this place. The town where I was born and I live here is very famous and beautiful. Orenburg Province was founded in March 15, 1744. The total area of the land is 1026 million square kilometers.
The Orenburg region is in two parts of the world. They are Europe and Asia. The Ural River divides the border between them. Gas is one of the most important minerals, but not the only richness underground reserves of Orenburg. There isn’t only oil, gas but there is also coal, precious metals, precious stones and salt.
The nature of the Orenburg steppe is diverse and beautiful. Rivers, lakes and reservoirs give life to everything.The largest river of the region is the Ural. It is 2048 km long.
One of the gems of Orenburg region is State Nature Reserve "Orenburg". It’s the largest in Europe (about 22 thousand square kilometers). Orenburg region is famous for shawls. They are masterpieces of Orenburg culture and they are known far from our region. A fulfill dream of many people comes true in Orenburg. The air bridge was constructed in 2006 through the river Ural. It connects two banks of the river. The length of this bridge is 206 meters. There are a few roads of this kind in Russia.
Orenburg is famous for its fountains. Nowadays there are twenty colorful and attractive fountains near the outdoor cafes and in the parks. The most beautiful is in the "National Village". I and my friends like to visit and see a unique musical water attraction. Only six cities in Russia have such sights. The lights change with a change of popular songs and you can see a real dance of water jets. The height of the jets is 12 meters. I like my town very much.

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